Well, it’s a simple case of math. If you look at the above lists and don’t need to dedicate your time to earning money (i.e. your job or business), then you can easily take on everything yourself. But not a lot of people can afford to devote that amount of their time to a move.

Most of us need to work or run a business, so every minute you’re away could cost you money. So, depending on how much you earn (and thus how much you’ll lose by not focusing on your job/business for as long as it takes), you should be able to compare the cost of hiring movers with the cost of losing time/money at work.

For instance: If you have to take unpaid leave and lose R10 000 at work just to do the move yourself (plus the cost of hiring a truck, paying for fuel etc.). It might be more worthwhile to devote the money to having a mover move you instead. In this case, anything around R10 000 is actually a saving if you hire a mover instead. That’s probably the biggest reason to hire movers.

Saving on costs. Doing the work. And making the right choice for you. Are movers worth it? How much will it cost? We find out if you should hire movers by looking at what exactly movers do, how to know if you should hire movers and how much movers cost.

PLUS: What about cross-country movers?

Are movers worth it?

What do movers do anyway?

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How much do movers cost?

Are Movers Worth It? (And How Can You Be Sure It's the Best Deal)

by Cape Removals
​1 July 2021

PLUS: Furniture movers near me

If you’re talking value for money, you should know that Cape Removals is rated among the Top 3 removals companies in South Africa. Not least for our incredibly cost-effective long distance removals. Discover the most trusted SA movers.

If you consider what goes into moving, just from the practical side, you’ll see it’s quite a lot. The average moving company will provide these types of services with every move:

  • Find and supply packing materials and boxes
  • Pack your entire house for you, wrap furniture as needed
  • Move all the furniture to and from the truck, with all the equipment needed
  • Secure fragile pieces of furniture with protective wrapping for transport
  • Disassemble your furniture and reassemble again at the destination
  • Take care of the transport, including the truck, petrol etc.
  • A professional driver takes the truck to your new home
  • And then they provide mover’s insurance on all your belongings
  • Arrange and supply extra storage as needed
  • Secure you space on freight for cross-country moves

Now, that’s quite a lot. But nothing compared to what you, as the homeowner, needs to do yourself personally. From securing your new home to organizing the moving date, collecting keys, ensuring entry, packing and sorting your home for days/weeks ahead of the move. And that’s not even taking into account the fact that you have to update all your accounts with the new address and transfer your rates and utilities to the new address too.

And, if you haven’t realised it yet, not hiring a mover means you have to take on your list PLUS the mover’s list above, doubling your personal workload.

As we’ve seen, movers are worth it for the time and money they could save you by allowing you to focus on your job or business during the move. They’re basically a way to stop business interruption for you. And, if the money makes sense, hiring a mover is definitely worth it.

Is hiring movers expensive? Not really. If you take everything into account, a small local move can cost just from R1000 to R5000. Find out more in our posts on: How much does a moving company typically cost? And How much should I pay a mover per hour?

Or, just get an actual quote. It just takes a minute and is obligation-free, plus it takes the guesswork out of knowing how much movers actually cost. Try it here:

When and why should you hire movers?

So, are movers worth it?

Discover more reliable and trusted local and cross-country movers.

What movers actually do. How much movers cost. And when and when not to hire. Find out: Are movers worth it? PLUS: What to do if you need a cross-country furniture mover near you

If you’re asking: Is it worth it to hire movers? You’re probably thinking that you could maybe save money by moving yourself. And sometimes, that’s very true. But not always. There are some situations where you’ll actually lose out. And the best way to know if it applies to you is to just take a quick look at what movers actually do VS what you as the homeowner have to do anyway.

If you’re moving long distance, that’s probably the best time to employ a mover. Because moving freight to another city or country can be quite expensive. But moving companies like Cape Removals have a special way of bringing those costs down.

It’s called part-load or share-load removals. And, basically, we find some freight that’s already going where you’re beheading and organise you a part/share of the load space, so you only pay for the part you use. It can mean huge savings. See more on how to get cheap long distance furniture removals

And, again, no need to guess how much it’ll cost, just grab a free quote right here: