Cape Removals have a national infrastructure with large trucks that have the capacity to carry multiple households and loads. We have pooled our resources to offer efficiency and better pricing for all our customers that need small to large households removals. Each truck can accommodate approximately 3 large 4 bedroom houses but 90 % of our customers loads are half or smaller than the average sized 4 bedroom household.

Share Load is a great way for our clients to move their goods nationally using our coordinative share load network. With share loads, you can benefit from drastically reduced fees that are shared by multiple clients using available space on a truck that is already headed for your target destination. Share loading is cost effective and an efficient long distance furniture removal service.

The Benefits of Share Loading 

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Many say that Cape Town is The New York of The African Content: 

The Moving Company Industry in Cape Town has quickly adjusted and grown to facilitate Cape Town's rise as a National &  International world class city. Cape Town and all municipality's within The Western Cape's have worked hard to put themselves on the National & International map. This exposure as an International city has encouraged many investors , tourists, South African & African residents to seek employment opportunities, set up businesses or invest in the vibrant Cape Town property market.

There are a full spectrum of quality moving companies in Cape Town that facilitates your every moving and storage need. If you require mini removals, or full households removals, packing, storage, protective wrapping, dismantling + reassembling then the Cape Town Moving Industry can help you .

Every furniture moving company in Cape Town is different in size, ability and service delivery. we have briefly mapped our some of the players in The Cape Town Moving Company Industry to help facilitate your relocation requirements which include Mini Removals, Shared Loads, Storage, Wrapping, Packing or even collection and delivery of smaller furniture loads. 

Cape Furniture Removals is one of this companies who will help you from start to finish with all your Moving Company requirements. 


It will start with you completing the enquiry on the side of the page and from there a dedicated removal consultant will guide you throughout the process. We have teams of various sizes in to accommodate your mini removal needs as well as teams whom can do a full wrap and pack of your entire household.  

Cape Town Mini Removal Services 

 Cape Mini Removalshave answered our customers call for a quick responsive furniture removal service to accommodate smaller homes, flats and bachelor apartments. This service is also dedicated to the removal of one to 5 furniture items. Our teams are servicing specific regions in Cape Town and we will, therefore, have a Mini Removal team near you.

This regional location of our removal teams will save on turnaround time and will be more affordable as there will be less traveling time and mileage to be able to facilitate your furniture removal.

Each Mini Removal team will have a closed removal truck equipped with staff, blankets and strapping to ensure we do your move with efficiently and safely. 

Boxes, packaging material, packing and Storage services are provided to prepare and coordinate a quality, efficient and fast Mini Relocation service. We are open on public holidays as well as weekends to ensure your move can be done at your convenience.

Our Consultants will provide competitive quotations and a comprehensive support service to encourage efficient and smooth long distance removal. Interim and long-term storage can be provided to help coordinate your move timeously. Short-term Storage options are always useful when you are in between offices, traveling, renovating or needing the extra space. 

Our Mini Removal Services Include:

  • Packaging & wrapping of all items that are delicate in nature to ensure the safe removal of your goods. 
  • Boxes supply & packaging materials delivered to you before your move at your convenience. 
  • We will encourage colour coded labels to minimise confusion                      

  • Safe mini removal & transportation to your new destination   

  • Furniture is placed at the new premises as per your layout                                              

  • Dismantling & re-assembling of furniture to ensure safe moving and transportation.


. Contact your consultant for more on our Mini Removal Services.


Please see our Moving Tips page for great ways to take the stress out of your office relocation  ​ 

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