What makes petrol prices change?

Do petrol prices impact moving costs? What makes petrol prices change? How much does the fuel cost impact my move? How can I get the cheapest removal price?

Do petrol prices impact moving costs?

There are many factors that will change the price of fuel at any given time. In the summer when temperatures are at their highest, a different type of formula is used in the petrol to accommodate for the heat which means the price is higher. Another factor that affects fuel price is any large weather events, such as hurricanes or earthquakes that affect production and therefore mean less of it is being made.Fuel prices also change depending on what part of the country you are in. It could be that some areas are harder to get the fuel to, so here it will be more expensive.

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If you’re moving long distance, that’s probably the best time to employ a mover. Because moving freight to another city or country can be quite expensive. But moving companies like Cape Removals have a special way of bringing those costs down.

It’s called part-load or share-load removals. And, basically, we find some freight that’s already going where you’re beheading and organise you a part/share of the load space, so you only pay for the part you use. It can mean huge savings. See more on how to get cheap long distance furniture removals

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The short answer is that it won’t have any major effect on your move if it is a local one. However, for a more long-distance move, it could change the price quite noticeably. Removal companies will charge you based on the time it takes for the move to be completed and also how long the distance is that they need to travel based on the additional fuel costs they will have to cover.

The weight of your possessions can also have an effect on your removal cost as it will affect how much fuel the truck uses for the trip. Removal companies will take this into account as well. .

If you want to make sure you have the cheapest removal price then you will need to go online and do your research, by getting quotes from different removal companies. There are some factors that will also affect the price of your move no matter what company you go with. Winter is the most popular time for moving house in South Africa, making it the busiest time for removal companies. Try to avoid moving in December and January if possible. The most popular time of the month to move is at the end of the month. This is because most of the transfers take place then. If you are able to then you can avoid this time of the month as you are likely to find that removal companies are cheaper.

To conclude, do petrol prices impact moving costs? If your move is local, then it shouldn’t affect the price too much. However, if your move is long distance, it could have a significant impact, especially if you have a heavy load to be transported. Speak to some removal companies to find out more information and receive the best advice possible. .

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How much do movers cost?

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How much does the fuel cost impact my move?

Many factors affect the cost of moving, but one that people often don’t think about is fuel costs. Petrol prices change all the time, so that can fluctuate moving prices throughout the year. How big is the impact and is there a way to make sure it doesn’t affect the price too much? Read on as we explore this further.

So, are movers worth it?

by Cape Removals
​16 August 2021

How can I get the cheapest removal price?

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As we’ve seen, movers are worth it for the time and money they could save you by allowing you to focus on your job or business during the move. They’re basically a way to stop business interruption for you. And, if the money makes sense, hiring a mover is definitely worth it.

Is hiring movers expensive? Not really. If you take everything into account, a small local move can cost just from R1000 to R5000. Find out more in our posts on: How much does a moving company typically cost? And How much should I pay a mover per hour?

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