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​​​All Risks Insurance for Furniture Removals

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Cost of All Risk Insurance and Requirements


Goods in Transit’ furniture removal insurance covers your goods only whilst they are in transit. Your goods will be covered against the following:

Vehicle Theft

Optional Insurance Packages

1) All Risks Insurance @ 3.5 % + Vat of your goods value

2) Goods In Transit Insurance 

3) Your Own Current Household Insurance = Free. If you currently have an existing household insurance then contact your insurer and they will apply The same All Risks Insurance for FREE  

Contact for All risk Insurance

Unfortunately Moving furniture exposes and provides risk to your furniture and personal belongings, Even the best laid and executed plans can go awry due to unforeseen circumstances, which is why we recommend taking out All Risks Insurance for your Furniture Removal.

All Risk Insurance for Furniture Removals in South Africa

optional All Risks Insurance!

All Risks Option 

The all-risk furniture removal insurance cover starts from the moment we lay our hands on your possessions until you are fully settled in your new home or office. Your goods will be covered against the following:

Riot and strike action
Goods in transit
Storm damage including flooding
Handling damage 


Cape Furniture Removals take great pride in our workmanship and aspire to prevent any incidences which why we have a very low incidence rate. It's unfortunate but there are incidences as its impossible to provide a watertight removal service for every move with so many elements against us in this already high-risk industry.

We handle fragile, delicate and sometimes poorly manufactured goods that are essentially not designed to withstand transportation or extra handling together with the load movement of long-distance transportation contribute to the risk factors..

It's for this reason that we cannot assume all the risk due to the high risk involved and we strongly suggest you take out our All Risk Insurance to protect your goods from the risk and elements that are at play when moving your household and office furniture. 

There are no guarantees as there is a high risk in moving and transportation. There are so many risk factors which is why we offer the all risk insurance option.

Cost and Requirements for All Risk Insurance

  • Cost = 3%.5  X the value of the goods you would like to ensure + Vat (R4 025 per R100 000)
  • The All Risk Insurance for Furniture Removals has an R3400 claim fee
  • Protective Wrapping of all furniture is a compulsory requirement from the insurer. Ask your removal consultant for a quote for protective wrapping?. 
  • The Contents of the boxes cannot be insured unless packed by Cape Removals or any of our partners. (R85 per box including packer, box & packaging material.) 
  • Our Insurer requires a detailed list of your goods and their respective values which you would like to have insured 
  • Please note all risk insurance does not include any mechanical damage. 

All Risks Insurance