Long Distance Furniture Removal Services

Cape house furniture removal service offer office and home relocations, packing, protective wrapping and storage options to enhance peace of mind and convenience.

Your furniture and larger items are the more easy part of the move and a service we are happy to facilitate with our localised removal teams and trucks.

Deciding to Relocate your Home or office ?

The detail, coordination, and organisation leading up to the move are considered to be one of the top three stressful happenings that we encounter in our lifetimes. This is because we underestimate the unsettling detail & nature of moving our homes & offices. 

There are obvious decisions and challenges needed to start and initiate your house removal and then its time to source and book a moving company in South Africa that can help you pack and move your house to your new home.

Found your New Home or new office- Now it's Time to Find a Dedicated Home & Office Moving Company

The devil is in the detail, This applies to moving your home just as much as everything else in life.

We as a professional furniture moving company try and help make you aware of the detail as well as provide services to help you minimise the daunting process of moving your home.

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Here are some Steps to help you with your Home Removal

Complete the underlying Inventory and send it to info@caperemovals.co.za and your consultant will help you from there.

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Cape Town Home removal Services

Step 1 - Establish your moving date
Step 2 - Establish your packing and packaging material needs                               Step 2 - Source & find your local or national Furniture Removal Company that can

              accommodate your needs

Step 3 - Book your Removal Company 

Step 4 - Estimate and discuss your packing need with your moving consultant

Step 5 - Establish your Protective Packaging needs for the moving of your furniture.

              Minimise the Risk in your move. There is risk in the moving process, Your

              goods need to be neatly packed into a removal truck, transported and

              offloaded. This exposes your furniture to elements and you need to help

              your moving company minimise the risk.

              Isolate delicate furniture, sentimental furniture, metallic surfaces, lounge,

              mattresses and other valued furniture that needs protection from potential

              bumps, rain or getting dirty.

Step 6 - Accessibility - Discuss accessibility at your collection and delivery

             addresses to help your removal company plan and advise so we can

   ultimately help you make the moving process easier and incident free!

We’ll work with you to help determine your exact moving needs.

Email: info@caperemovals.co.za

Office: 064 5031371

Moving Houses ? Send us a request and a consultant will respond shortly with how we go about getting you a quick and cost efficient quote

 When you choose Cape Removals, our removal consultants will communicate with on all aspects for household moving for your peace-of-mind  They will tell you exactly what to do and what to expect, including the range of services offered and what you will pay. There are no hidden costs.

Cost of Moving a household 

The cost for local moves is mostly based on the number of movers needed, the time it takes to move your belongings and the drive time between your old and new residence. Some other factors that affect price include:

How large is your home?
Are you a less-is-more or are you a more-is-more decorator?
How many boxes and other packing materials do you need?
Have you already packed your belongings yourself?
Can our truck park close to your home?
Any hard to move items? Grand piano? Stairmaster? Giant penguin statue?
How much packing and/or unpacking would you like us to do for you?

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