How can I move cheaply?

Now, just as important as knowing who the most reliable moving companies are, you also want to move as cheaply as possible. And there are a few things you can do: from packing your own possessions, dismantling your furniture yourself, and using shared-load services.

But it’s important to take into account how long this will take you. Because, time is money. And, if you’re working or running a business, you don’t want to take time away from that, if the moving company is cheaper per hour than what you make per hour. See our post on: Is hiring a moving company worth it?

Most removal companies will work out their charge based on the number of hours your furniture removal takes. On average the move will cost R1000 to R2000 per hour – see Moving Company Prices. So, to get the price down you can help lower the amount of time the move will take. And it works for both local and long-distance moves.

How can I be sure I'm getting the cheapest price?

Believe it or not, even though Cape Removals is rated in the Top 3 SA removal companies, we’re also one of the most affordable in the country. All removal jobs are different, so our prices do vary. But, our prices are on average remarkably low compared to what other local removal services are offering. But decide for yourself – see our post: What is the cheapest moving company?

If you want to cut down the time you will be using the removal company for, then it might be a good idea to move smaller stuff over to the new property yourself. If you have a vehicle or can borrow one from someone, pack up your smaller possessions and take them yourself, taking a few trips if needed. This will mean the removal company just needs to grab the larger items and therefore cuts down the time and cost. See: How much does a moving company typically cost?

How Can I Move Cheaply? (And Save on Both Local and Long Distance)

What is the most affordable moving company?

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Wow, we’re cheap and super trusted! South Africans have spoken: Thank you SA for voting Cape Removals as one of the Top 3 movers on HelloPeter. AND for awarding us an awesome score of 9.5 out of 10 on Sirelo – that’s what drives us to keep delivering the best service at the best price. Both for local moves – see​ moving companies Cape Town – and nationally: See our top-rated countrywide moving companies.

Pack your own possessions

See how much you’ll save – instantly!

The cheapest way to move locally

For a quick guide, consider this: Local removals can start from as little as R1000 basic cost, while moving from one city to another can be from R3000 to R6000. And the average cost for movers by the hour is around R1000 to R2000 per hour – so a quick 2-hour move should only be around R2000.

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Like most industries around the world, some months are a lot quieter than others. The peak times for removal companies in South Africa are in the summer months when the weather is warmer, and schools are broken up. This often means that prices go up these months to accommodate for the busy period. The cheapest months to move will be in winter, during the quieter time – May, June, July, August. If you know when you will be moving well in advance, it is best to book your removal early, so that you can get an even cheaper removals quote.

by Cape Removals
​14 July 2021

Ways to save, the best times to move, and the big moving budget calculator. We find out: How can I move cheaply? On both local and long-distance moves with a moving company

If you want to move as cheaply as possible, then you will need to put a bit more work in and pack all your own belongings away. Removal companies do offer this as a service; however, it will add to the cost. It all just depends whether the hourly rate you earn (at work or business) is more than the hourly rate of the movers – if you earn more, let the movers do it; if not, save by doing it yourself. See: How much should you pay a mover?

Share Load removals

What month is the cheapest to move?

At Cape Removals, we have large trucks that have the capacity to move multiple households and loads. This means that those looking to move cross-country can use Share Load furniture removals (where you pay only for the “share” of a load space, to bring down the cost. The trucks are big: They can each hold around three large four-bedroom houses if needed. With Share loads, you can definitely save on moving costs with cheap long distance removals.

As mentioned above, time is money when it comes to removal services, so if you are moving long-distance this can be quite a bit more expensive. However, there are ways to make it cheaper.

Only use removal services for your larger furniture and boxes

Cheap local moves. Saving on long-distance removals. And who’s the most affordable? If you’re asking: How can I move cheaply? There are loads of ways to save on moving costs, especially when you use reputable and trusted moving companies.

Moving budget calculator

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The cheapest way to move long distance