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Relocation Costs & Services that influence Moving Companies Quotation's?

Moving Companies calculate their prices using a number of factors:

  • Inventory of Furniture & Personal Goods that need to be relocated (truck size and size of your moving team needs has to be factored into your removal quote.  
  • Packing - Packing is a very specialised & time-consuming service. Proper planning needs to be done to facilitate which often needs to be done a day or two before your relocation happens. This is obviously dependant on how much packing is required. 
  • Protective Wrapping Requirements - Delicate or specialised wrapping needs to be taken into account. 
  • Home Accessibility at Pick Up & Delivery Addresses
  • Moving Date - (Property transfers and rentals mostly happen at the end of the month therefore there is a bottleneck of relocations happening within the period of every month.) 

  • Distance  - The moving distance & time the truck and team take need to travel in order to complete your move 
  • Dismantling & Reassembling of Furniture - This is a time-consuming exercise and staff (s) time do need to be allocated to facilitate this process   

Inventory of Goods to be Relocated

Space is a very important criteria when calculating your removal quote, especially for our Specialised Share load Removal Service . 

Our Local Furniture Removal service in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durbanall have various sized trucks and teams. obviously, the bigger trucks have bigger teams for the bigger moves and therefore they will cost more than the smaller more cost-efficient trucks and teams. It is essential that your inventory be as accurate as possible so we can send the appropriate furniture removal truck and team to efficiently complete your relocation. 

The inventory will give your Moving Companies will also give an understanding of the following:

  • How many staff they need  in the team to complete your move efficiently
  • What size truck is required 
  • How long it will take to load & offload 

Our National Moving Company Services incorporate a specialised Share Load Removal Service that has significant cost-saving benefits. Our National Furniture Removal Trucks in South Africa not only requires careful planning in preparing for your move but it also requires serious space planning in our trucks.  

The above factors are significant influences and it is important that you provide your removal company an accurate inventory that will help provide an accurate removal and help us plan for an efficient home relocation. 

How to Complete and Accurate Inventory for your Moving Company

We at Cape Furniture Removals provide various furniture inventory options that will help and remind you of every detail that enables you to populate an inventory easily: 

An Accurate Furniture Inventory ensures the following:

  • Your furniture Removal Company can make a fair assessment and provide you an accurate removal quotation and service. 
  • Insurance - Most Furniture Removal Companies provide automatic Goods in Transit insurance. In the event of an unlikely event that there is an incident then your inventory will be on record to help the insurance claim
  • Organisational - moving is noted as one of the most stressful events to happen to you. The inventory will help you have peace of mind and help as a checklist for you.    

Address Accessibility is extremely important 

A large proportion of residential homes are being built in a complex environment and many have height and weight restrictions. Flats, Apartments & Offices etc which are very relevant factors as it does have an influence on how long the move will take. Stairs, lifts and long walks due to poor truck access adds onto the length of time and amount of manpower your removal company will need to allocate to your move.

To put it into context - Your removal company essentially needs to understand how much it costs per hour to have a truck and team doing your move.   

Moving Date

Property transfers and rental agreements all happen at the end of the month and we advise you to book early to secure your booking. This leaves the removal company industry with extra capacity in the middle month with many furniture removal companies making providing better rates within this period. A subdued period for property transfers forces removal companies to provide competitive pricing options for clients just to ensure they are able to keep themselves busy. This quite period provides an opportunity for the Furniture Removal Companies to train their staff and ensure their trucks are maintained so they are ready for the congested & busy end month period. Demand starts to increase from the 25th on any given month and remains extremely busy until the 3rd of the ensuing month.

Removal Distance

We all want businesses to make their money and it's no different with removal companies. Its very important that the furniture removal companies cost their moves properly to ensure that they stay in business and provide an effective service with proper truck maintenance and staff training. Calculating the removal distance can sometimes be underrated by removal companies but yet it's such an important provision that needs to be incorporated into a removal quotation. in this way furniture moving companies can allocate the relative resources to maintaining their trucks.

It's essential that a removal company understands how much it costs them per kilometer to run the truck as well as what are the total overheads for the truck per day and even per hour with a driver and team. It is fair practice for a removal company to also account for the cost of time and truck costs from leaving the depot to their 1st pickup address. If it isn't done and that truck is used 20 times a month then that accumulative cost can be dangerous under in the long term.

Factors that moving companies use to Calculate your Furniture moving Quote 

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How Much Do Moving Companies Charge for your Removal

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