How much does it cost to move office? What factors affect the removal costs? Plus: The volume of things you need to move, Ease of access, How far away your new office is, Time of the move. We also Discover: Any Extra Services. 

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Some removal companies have extra services that can be used, such as packing or furniture dismantling. This can help you save a lot of time and make your move go a lot quicker, which is super important for those moving offices, hoping not to disturb the employees too much. These services, although definitely value for money, will come at an added price. 

Removal companies also sell expert packing materials, which can be used to help you pack up your office furniture. They will have boxes that are good for packing up fragile equipment like computer screens and other electronics. 

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If you want to be sure about what your office removal costs will be then source quotes from a few moving companies. They will ask you all the relevant questions and be able to give you a free, no-obligation quote. 

What factors affect the removal costs?

How much does it cost to move office

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How Much Does it Cost to Move office?

by Cape Removals
23 Aug 2021

Moving office can be a stressful time for any company, even without having to worry about the costs involved. The price it will cost to move office will depend on a variety of factors. A 2-hour move in South Africa costs roughly around R1500 – R2500. For a full-day move, it can range anywhere from R3950-R7950. Below are the main things removal companies will consider when pricing your move. 

The volume of things you need to move
One of the biggest factors that will affect the price of the move will be the number of boxes and furniture you will need to take with you to the new place. This is because it will determine the size of the truck they will need to move. It will also help them figure out the amount of time they think it will take to complete your move. 

Ease of access
Offices are often in high-rise buildings, which can make moving a little trickier. If you are moving from or to an office that is harder to get into or has a lot of stairs, then it can increase your removal costs because of the extra time and labour involved. 

How far away your new office is
Another thing that will affect the price of your office move, is how far away your new office is from the old one. If you are moving locally then this won’t affect your prices that dramatically, but longer distances could. The removal company needs to factor in fuel costs, tolls, and the amount of time it takes. If you are moving your office to a new city, then some removal companies will offer you a shared load service. This will help keep your costs down. You will share a truck with other people who are moving to help cut costs and save the removal company from doing more journeys than necessary. 

Time of the move
Summer is a peak season for moving. Around this time removal companies are very busy and therefore their prices increase. If you want to reduce your removal costs then, if possible, try to move in other seasons. 

Weekends are a lot busier than weekdays. Try to schedule your office move for the weekdays, avoiding Friday and the weekends. This will make your move significantly cheaper, and it will be a lot quieter and less rushed during this time. 

Removal companies usually prefer working in the mornings when the weather is cool, and the roads aren’t as busy. Because of this removal companies will charge less during the morning than an afternoon or evening slot. 

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