Just as important as knowing who the best-service moving companies are, you also want to have an accurate idea of how much it’ll cost for a mover to move your furniture. And there’s a lot that can impact moving costs – see how much moving companies cost and this guide to costing a furniture removal. But one way to better understand the cost of removals, is to break it down into hourly costs.

According to moving price comparison gurus, Sirello, (who rate Cape Removals a 9.5 out of 10 score for moving, by the way: see the reviews here), there are some general guides to the question: how much should I pay a mover per hour?

How Much Should I Pay a Mover Per Hour?

by Cape Removals
30 June 2021

Adapted from an aggregate of data from Sirelo

So, if you’re asking: How much should I pay a mover per hour?, know that on average, most moves cost around R1000 to R2500 per hour’s work. And, if yours is a relatively hassle-free 2-hour move, the removal could cost around R2000–R2500, depending on any special requirements you may have. But for moves that take about 4 to 6 hours, it’s safe to bargain somewhere around R3000 to R5000 to have your furniture moved. See here: How much does a moving company typically cost?

How much do local movers usually cost?

How much do movers cost for a one bedroom apartment?

How much should I pay a mover per hour?

What’s the average cost to move a 3 bedroom house?

An hourly rate. The average cost. And 1 minute to get an actual quote. How much should I pay a mover per hour? We find out by looking at the average cost for movers to move furniture, for a one, 2 and 3 bedroom house, and find out how much local movers usually cost.

On average, moving furniture from a one bedroom apartment or bachelor flat in South Africa costs around R1500, if you’re moving locally – i.e. in the same town/city limits. But then costs can be affected by how far you’re moving, how easy it is to get in and out of the properties and whether you want/need any extra services.

Did you know you don’t have to guess or try and calculate how much a mover costs? You can get an obligation-free quote within minutes right here and know exactly how much your move will cost for real. Try it, it only takes a minute:

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Move hours
Average cost
2 hours move
R1000 – R2500
4 hours move
R2000 – R3500
6 hours move
R2500 – R4750
8 hours move
R3000 – R6750
Full day moves
R4000 – R7950

Another way to try and gauge the cost of your move beforehand is to consider the historical average costs to move a particular size of home:

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Movers costs per hour in South Africa

How much do movers cost for a 2 bedroom apartment?

It could be anywhere between R1750 or R1950 upwards to have movers move your average 2 bedroom flat (say about 50 square meters in size). And that’s when you’re moving locally, within the same city/town. Again, the distance of the move and the number and weight of all your furniture to be moved does impact the price at the end.

Now, most homes contain more furniture than flats – you have more space outdoors and garages etc. And that’s why most moves of 3 bedroom houses start around R3000 and upwards. Things that affect the price are: how far you’re moving, how complex the move is and how much furniture you need moved.

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From 2 hours to a full 8-hour day, how much should I pay a mover per hour? We discover the average cost of movers to move furniture, how to save on local movers and see exactly how much movers cost per hour’s work

Average cost of movers to move furniture

​Since most moves are smaller local moves, when moving in the same region, city or town limits, we have a pretty accurate picture of their average costs, using Cape Town suburbs as example:

From area
To area
Cape TownR1950 upwards
KenilworthTokaiR1750 upwards
BrackenfellPlumsteadR1950 upwards
MuizenbergWynbergR1850 upwards