by Cape Removals
23 Aug 2021

The best way to determine how much moving your piano is going to cost is to get a free no-obligation quote from a removal company. You will be able to speak to them and answer any specific questions they have in regard to your piano. They will then look into what options you have and go through the process of how they will do the removal for you. If you have any questions, you will be able to run through them with the consultant and ensure that you fully understand what is going to happen. 

Get a Quote from a removal company?

Ease of access
One factor that will affect the price for moving your piano, is how easy it is to access your property and extract the piano from it. If you are living in an apartment or in a home where the piano might not easily fit through the door then it might cost more, as the removal company will need to bring specialist equipment to navigate removing the piano. It will also depend on the ease of access for the new location you would like the piano to be in. 

Distance of your move
Another factor that will affect the price of your piano moving costs will be the distance between the location you are moving it from and moving it to. It might not affect the price that dramatically unless you are travelling long distance. This is because they will have to factor in fuel costs, breaks for the drivers, and any tolls or other costs along the way. 

Time of the move
During the Summer, removal companies are very busy and will in turn put their prices up to accommodate this. If possible, plan to move your piano during other seasons to avoid these increased prices. 

Weekends are also very a busy time for removal companies and that includes Fridays, so try to select a weekday for your piano move. Removal companies also prefer to work in the mornings when the weather isn’t as hot and the traffic is clear, they will then charge more for afternoon and evening moves. 


Pianos are incredibly expensive and often for most households who have one, it is one of their most prized possessions. However, Pianos are large instruments and very heavy. They have intricate designs with hammers, strings, keys, and pedals, which can easily be broken. It is important that when moving a piano, you do so carefully and with expert professional help, to ensure that your piano is moved to its new home safely and without any hiccups

Removal companies that offer a piano moving service will have the correct knowledge, experience, and tools required to move your piano to a new location completely stress-free. Talk to some removal companies about the price they can offer you. 

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What might affect the price?

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How much does it cost to move my Piano? What might affect the price? Plus: Ease of Access, Distance for your Move, Time of the Move. We also discover: Getting a Quote from a Removal Company.
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