Is Hiring a Moving Company Worth It? 5 Questions to Know You're Right

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How much does it usually cost to hire a moving company?

Now, on average, most SA movers charge somewhere between R1000 and R2000 per hour, depending on the size of your move and where you’re moving to. So a good indicator is how much it would cost to hire movers for 2 hours or so – and it’s pretty safe to bargain on around R2500 for a 2-hour move. See more in our post: How much should I pay a mover per hour?

Is hiring a moving company worth it when you’re moving long distance? Yes, especially so! See, when you’re moving far away, the cost to transport your furniture through non-specialised means increases exponentially. That’s why we at Cape Removals developed a special system just for this called: Share Load Removals.

See, hiring trucks and containers costs a lot! But, consider that there are likely already some trucks and containers going your way. You don’t have to hire the whole thing. We help you get a part/share of a freight that’s already going where you’re heading. That means you only pay a small portion of the total cost. See more on how to get cheap long distance furniture removals.

And you can get an actual quote right here and be sure of the exact amounts:

The biggest consideration is that big list we gave you earlier. If you have an incredible amount of free time and not much work to do, then you might want to move yourself. But, if like most of us, your time is money, because you work or have a business to run, then every minute you spend on moving actually takes you away from your job/business, which costs you money.

So, one very important reason to hire a moving company is to save yourself time and money, in the most literal sense possible.

The cost. The trouble. And the real savings. We’re asking: Is hiring a moving company worth it? Let’s compare hiring movers vs. doing it yourself. See how much it typically costs to hire movers and then get an actual movers quote (for free), just to be sure.

by Cape Removals
30 June 2021

Now, there are many​ moving companies to choose from. But do you even need one? Do you actually save any time and money moving yourself? It’s a very good question. And perhaps it all depends on what your own time is actually worth to you. Let’s take a look:

From as low as R1500 up to R6000, depending on the size of your house, where you’re moving to and what services you need exactly. We provide you with a handy moving cost calculator in our post on: How much does a moving company typically cost?

Then, there are some average moving costs guides and important things that will impact the overall price. Discover them all in our post: How much should you pay a mover?

Is hiring a moving company worth it?

Hiring movers vs. doing it yourself

So, is hiring a moving company worth it? An easy way to find out is to calculate how many hours it would take you to do everything a moving company would have done for you and compare that to how much money you would have earned if you spent that time focusing on your work/business instead. If the moving company’s cost comes out cheaper for you, then hiring movers is totally worth it!

OR, if you can’t take paid leave to do the move yourself, it might be worthwhile to hire movers to do it for you, so you don’t have to take a salary cut just to move house.

Hiring movers VS doing it yourself. How much would it cost? And can you afford NOT to? Find out: Is hiring a moving company worth it? PLUS: What if you’re moving long distance?

OK, so is it worth it to hire movers?

Why should you hire a moving company?

What’s the cost to hire movers for 2 hours?

What’s the big difference between hiring movers and moving yourself? The best way to know for sure is probably to look at what a moving company actually does VS what you as the homeowner have to do during a move:

 What movers usually do
 What you HAVE to do personally
 If you do BOTH yourself
  • Organise boxes and packing materials
  • Pack and wrap all your furniture for you
  • Carry it to and from the truck, professionally
  • Put protective wrapping on fragile pieces
  • Disassemble & reassemble furniture
  • Arrange all the transport – truck, petrol the works
  • Drive the truck and goods to your new home
  • Provides insurance on all your furniture
  • Provides storage if needed
  • Organise special freight for long-distance moves
  • Hunt, purchase/secure your new home
  • Organise the moving date
  • Transfer all your rates and taxes info to the new address
  • Update all your official accounts and services with new address info
  • Make sure you have the keys to the new home on the day needed
  • Pack and sort everything in your house before the moving truck arrives
  • Make sure you have coffee and food ont eh day before and after the move (while everything’s still in boxes)
  • See to your family and pets’ needs during the move

  • You’ll have to do ALL of column 1 and 2 all by yourself

PLUS: What about long distance movers?

Wow, looking at these lists, it’s clear that you as the homeowner already have a LOT to do, even without having to do all the practical things of the move. Your list is almost longer than the removal companies. Now, add to that the fact that your time is actually worth a lot more spent focusing on your own job or business – you’re essentially losing money for every minute you spend on moving.

So maybe it’s worth comparing your loss of income against how much the moving company actually costs:

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