Make your moving experience a breeze  

Moving can be a stressful time for anybody, however, you can defuse much of your stress by being proactive and doing a few things before moving day.

Here are our top tips to get you on your way to a smooth, stress-free relocation:

  • Isolate your moving date and book your removal company about a month before the allocated date. Try and take a day off on either side of your moving date.
  • Ensure you contact all your utility services to notify them of your new address. DSTV, telephones, etc to disconnect and connect at your new address
  • Decide what packaging materials you require and if you require Cape Furniture Removals to do your packing. 
  • Decide if you would like Cape Removals to wrap your leather couches, paintings, mirrors, etc, etc  
  • Pack and label your boxes sensibly:  If you are doing your packing yourself, be sure to pack your boxes carefully with the appropriate materials, e.g. bubble wrap, to minimize breakages. Also, pack the boxes compactly. Packing Loose is not Good!
  • Label your boxes according to room and contents 
  • Use colour coded labels that will represent the room colour at your destination home 
  • Phone your household insurance broker and notify them of your move. Most insurance policies will cover insurance for removals. Please note that insurance might not cover the contents of your boxes that you have packed. Cape Removals or your insurance company can have the contents covered separately should your policy not cover this.  
  • Turn off your fridge the night before the move and ensure that it is cleared before the removal company gets there. The bulky kitchen appliances are normally 1st to be packed into the truck
  • Tape up your fridge, W Machine, Cupboards, and all other appliance doors so that they don't fly open. Ensure that all shelving is taken out of your fridge and cupboards.
  • Pack an overnight bag as if you are spending a night at a hotel, toiletries, change of clothing etc. Unpacking doesn't have to be done the same day or night. Unpack slowly but surely - this helps keep stress and anxiety levels down. moving can be a tiring experience
  • Prepare a Sundries Box - Isolate and mark a box with kettles, toasters, plates, cutlery, mugs, coffee etc. You will need an early tea break to gather your thoughts and tackle the unpacking when all your goods have been moved to the other side.
  • Bedding Boxes need to be clearly marked
  • Organise Cleaners with Cape Removals to clean your old home according to a checklist to ensure your the new tenants are moving into clean residence or offices. This takes out much of your stress of going back and forth worrying about unpacking as well as taking care of a cleaning process that never seems to end. 
  • Organise to repair the holes from the paintings 
  • Coordinate & ensure keys are collected and that there are no delays for Cape Removals when they move your furniture into your new residence.
  • Moving can be very disorientating - Ensure that you lock and pack away all your important personal documents, passports, watches, jewelry, etc into a place that is safe and which you will remember. There is enough to think about to minimise the detail.

Make Packing a Breeze - Cape Removals will even deliver for free 

Ask your Consultant!

Packaging Materials that you might need;

  • Sturdy boxes of varying sizes 
  • A notebook 
  • Packaging tape 
  • A thick, black felt- tip marker 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Corrugated Cardboard 
  • Large self-adhesive labels  - Colour Coded if possible  
  • Fragile stickers 
  • Utility knife 
  • Packing Paper
  • Newspapers

 Contact your Cape furniture removal consultant - They will be happy to advise and help

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