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Planning ahead also means you can book a cheaper removal time. A mid-month move will help lower your removal costs, as there is less demand for movers, so their costs are much lower at this time. Removal companies are often busiest at the beginning and end of the month as this is typically when leases end or when completions take place.

Consider what time would be good for ensuring your employees can continue working even with the move. Are you going to ask your employees to work from home during that day? If so, make sure you give them enough notice, so that they don’t make any in-person meetings for that day.

The other option is to move on a weekend. This would disrupt business the least but will cost more as removal companies are busier on weekends. If you do decide to move on a weekend, you will need to ask some of your employees to help you and pay them overtime or give them extra time off at another time. 

Use a Removal Company to Pack

Packing Your Office

As soon as you know that you are moving, you should begin your planning. The earlier you begin, the more organised you will be. One of the first things you should do is book a removal company to save money and make sure that you have a great removal company helping you out on the moving day. Make sure not to leave booking your removal company to the last minute, as you won’t have many options as to which removal companies are left. 

As soon as you have a plan in place you need to ensure that you are communicating this to your employees. Make sure you are clearly communicating the moving timeline, the actual date of the move, what they are expected to do the days leading up to it, and on the actual day, any details about flexible working during this time and who they should contact if they have any questions. Being open and honest with your employees during this turbulent time will really help the business run smoothly and the move go a lot more efficiently. 

book in advance

Moving offices or business locations can be a stressful time, as it needs to be planned meticulously to ensure as little disruption to the flow of business as possible. Below we have outlined some tips on how you can make sure your move is timed perfectly. 

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tips for timing a corporate move

by Cape Removals
28 Sept 2021

Most removal companies offer packing services. They will dismantle furniture and pack everything into boxes with their own packing materials. They can do this all-in-one day if necessary, which is often a really good idea for companies who don’t want to disrupt their business for too long. Speak to your removal company to get this arranged.  . 


We discuss: Tips for timing a corporate move. Plus: Booking in advance, When to move, and how to pack your office. Also discover: Communication with your employees.

Move on Dates Removal Companies are Less Busy

When it gets close to the move date you will need to start organising the office and packing everything. Use this time to sort through the office and see if there are things you can throw away and not unnecessarily bring them to your new office. Start by packing up equipment and office supplies that aren’t used frequently and won’t be needed in the weeks leading up to the move. Get your employees to clean out their desks and any lockers a couple of days before the move, so that they are all empty. The day before, pack up the rest of the office, ready to be placed in the removal truck the next day. 

Send out Plenty of Communications to Your Employees