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Covid-19 has brought forth a lot of challenges to the Government of South Africa. One of the primary challenges is to make people stay at home, at the same time ensuring that there is no shortage of essential goods and services. For this to be achieved, the government has issued a national lockdown.

While ensuring the availability of essential goods and services for the locked-in population, there is a dependency on people, certain IT services, manufacturing and related infrastructure and of course, a lot of goods and its transportation to different locations. The government has identified these goods and services as ‘Essential Services’. It ought to be called essential goods and services and hopefully, the government will make amends to this late when we are not in such an emergency situation.

What we do 
Cape Movers for Hire provide quick responsive moving of goods services that accommodates all size loads using different sized trucks to accommodate whatever nature of the essential goods are. Our teams are servicing specific regions in Cape Town and Nationally to major cities. Our processes and plans are succeeding in keeping supply chains flowing on lockdown. 

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Due to the SA Governments Lockdown regulations we are limited in the services we can provide. All our staff is currently practicing COVID 19 best practices. Our trucks have been fogged for virus control and our staff is equipped with masks and understands safe distancing protocols. We are therefore in a position to offer transport services in covered trucks for essential goods as stipulated by Government Level 4 regulations should you be an essential goods supplier. Each truck has only 2 staff members equipped with masks, sanitizing material with a virus fogger to maintain virus control after each load has been delivered.

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Trucks & Transport for Essential Goods during Covid 19

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