What Is The Cheapest day to Move?

What is the Cheapest day to move? When is peak moving season? Weekday VS Weekend, Best Time to Move, Are Movers worth it? 

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In South Africa, the peak moving season is in December and February due to the holidays giving people a lot of time to sort everything out and plan accordingly for moves. This time of the year can be very busy for removal companies, so a lot of them will put up their prices to accommodate for the amount of work they will need to be doing. It is far cheaper to stay clear of moving during this time if possible. 

People usually prefer to move over the weekend as they are off work and have a couple of days to sort everything out when they get there. However, most completions take place on a Friday, as Saturday can often be a difficult day to complete with banks being closed as well as some estate agents. This makes Friday another busy day for removal companies. Similarly, to peak season, removal company's weekend prices are higher than their weekday ones. If you can move during the week instead of a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday, it will mean removal companies will be less busy and cheaper. 

Much the same as finding a local mover (above), research and get actual quotes to compare, just do this one a little further in advance. When moving long distance, to keep the price of the move down, you need to plan in advance. Book in your removal company as soon as you possibly can. The closer to the time of the move you book the more expensive it will get. If you can choose when you move, then go in an off-peak season which is winter. 

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Best time to Move?

Weekday VS Weekend

Using a professional moving company makes your move safer. They have professional packing and moving supplies that you can use to protect your belongings and prevent damages. They also have professional moving trucks that can drive safely on any road conditions or in any weather. 

Removal companies do all the work for you, lifting your heavy furniture and boxes so that your family and friends don’t have to be put at risk of personal injury during the move. The removal workers will use protective floor coverings so that they don’t slip whilst moving your belongings so that they too are safe. They also know how to lift heavier items correctly and use carrying techniques that are a lot safer.

Possibly the most important reason removal companies are worth it, is the amount of time you will save. You can hire these professionals to do as little or as much for you, including packing up your possessions and dismantling furniture, which can be a big help if you don’t have enough time to do this all on your own. Even if you only decide to use them for the actual transit of your belongings, they will work promptly to pack up the truck quickly and efficiently, helping you get on the road quicker and safely on the other side. 

As temperatures can get high in the middle of the day, removal companies much prefer to move in the morning when the air is cooler. It also usually means roads are clearer and the removal company has more time to get everything ready to go. As most people complete on their houses at around midday, afternoon moves are in much more demand. Removal companies might lower their prices if they know that you will be able to move in the morning and get an early start. 

One of the bigger decisions you will need to make before moving is what day you want to move on. If you are buying a house, it will most likely be the day that you complete your transfer, if you are also selling that same day. However, you should still have the option of what day to make your completion date. Here we share some valuable information with regards to when your move could save you some cash. 

Are Movers worth it?

by Cape Removals 
11 August 2021

 When is peak moving season?

What is the cheapest day to move, When is peak Moving Season, Weekdays vs Weekend moves, Best Time to move
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