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What is the cheapest time of year to move?

Moving over the weekend is a popular thing to do, especially as most people have weekends off work. However, because it is so popular removal services have to raise their prices to deal with the demand. A lot of transfer completions happen on a Friday, which makes that a busy day too. If you are able to choose which day you move and have time off work, then always choose to move on a weekday, it will mean removal companies will be less busy and cheaper. 

How to work out how much my move will cost?

Many external factors affect the housing market and in turn the prices of removal companies. If there has been a boom in people buying houses for whatever reason that may be, you are more likely to see a rise in house prices as well as removal costs. Try to keep up with market trends to see when a good time to move might be 

What time of day is the cheapest time to move?

by Cape Removals 
16 August 2021

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The season can affect the cost of removal services. Most people decide to move in Spring and Summer, which make these seasons very busy for moving companies. This means that they are more likely to raise their prices and it will be harder to book them for the time you need. If you can avoid moving in those seasons and instead move in Autumn or Winter, you are more likely to get a cheaper rate for your move. . 

There are many other factors that affect when the best time to move is. Removal companies will look at the volume of your possessions and what type of truck they will need to safely move them from one destination to another. Most moving companies in South Africa will measure belongings in cubic metres or cubic feet. The distance between the two locations you are moving from and to will also play a big factor in the price of your removal service. The best way to work out the cost of your removal is to get some quotes from companies to see what they estimate and what they can offer you.  


Should I move on the weekend or a weekday?

When we move, we often don’t get to pick the specific time of year or removal date, it all depends on many factors surrounding the actual move. However, there are cheaper times to move house, so if you do find yourself in the situation of being able to decide when to move and want to save some money, then take note of the below as we discuss the best times to do this. 

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Much the same as finding a local mover (above), research and get actual quotes to compare, just do this one a little further in advance. When moving long distance, to keep the price of the move down, you need to plan in advance. Book in your removal company as soon as you possibly can. The closer to the time of the move you book the more expensive it will get. If you can choose when you move, then go in an off-peak season which is winter. 

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What is the Cheapest time of year to move? Season, Market Factors, Should I Move on the weekend or Weekday, What time of day is the cheapest time to move? How to work out how much my move will cost. 

In South Africa, temperatures can get quite high in the middle of the day, which is why removal companies prefer to complete the move during the morning when the air is cooler. This is also usually the time when the roads are the clearest, meaning it is quicker to get from point A to point B. The amount of time a removal service takes directly affects the price, so you want the process to go as quickly as possible. A lot of people will complete on their homes at around midday, resulting in a lot of moves happening in the afternoon when prices are more expensive, and roads are busier. Try to avoid this and you should get a better deal. .