If you have a family member or friend that you know is moving soon then you should ask them if they would like to take your boxes so that they can use them for their own move. If you don’t know of anyone in your own personal life who is moving, then try putting the boxes up on Facebook Marketplace or local selling sites that are similar to say you have free boxes that someone can come and collect them from you. You may be doing someone a great favour!


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donate the boxes

What to do with Boxes after you have moved? Plus getting Tips on Donating Boxes, How to recycle Used Boxes, Donating Boxes, Composting boxes. ALSO DISCOVER: Using Boxes for DIY Projects.

Pass them onto someone else who is moving

What to do with Boxes after Moving

If you can’t give the boxes to someone else who needs them, then consider recycling them. You can take them to your local recycling centre and drop them off. If you are unable to make your way to a recycling centre or there isn’t one near you then you can hire a rubbish removal company to come and pick them up from your home. It might not be worth it for just a couple of boxes, however, if you have quite a lot and it is taking up a lot of room in your new home, then this is a good option. 

Cardboard boxes can be composted easily. This is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your boxes. Remove any packing tape from them as this won’t break down in the compost heap. Moisten the cardboard boxes beforehand so that they are easier to tear up and rip the boxes up into small bits. Pile up the cupboard along with dead leaves and add nitrogen-rich materials like grass cuttings and vegetables. 

When you move house, you often accumulate a lot of cardboard boxes, that you will no longer need after the move has taken place. It can seem wasteful to simply throw them away. What can you do with your cardboard boxes when you are finished with them?. 

by Cape Removals
12 Oct 2021

use them for diy projects

Recycle the boxes

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compost your boxes

DIY projects can be fun and exciting. Besides, by doing something yourself, instead of purchasing, you are saving money. The most obvious usage is gift-wrapping. Creative homeowners can paint the boxes before using them for gift-wrapping. Have a little one at home? Turn your boxes into forts or spaceships or a myriad of other fun ideas. 

Some charities need boxes to either pack up the things they are selling or to move things around for fundraising events. Ask local charities if they are in need. You can also donate your boxes to local animal shelters and rescue centres that can use the boxes for animal bedding.

You can find information about charities online, or even join a local online support group where you can find out who may be in need of used boxes. 

what to do with your cardboard boxes after moving