1. Cape Removals

Rated as one of the premier moving companies Cape Town and the broader Western Cape region, Cape Removals offers more than just a a local moving service – they provide peace of mind. Known for top-tier furniture removals and comprehensive packing solutions, they’ve established themselves as leaders in the industry for local and long distance removal company services from city to city and from province to province. Their expertly trained removal teams are equipped to handle any moving need, be it homes, offices, or even Mini removals.


Cape Removals takes pride in its specialized long distance shared load moving service & mini removals nationally & locally, designed for smaller moves or single-item relocations, ensuring that every move, no matter how minor, is cost effective and given the professional attention when moving your furniture. Plus, they’ve innovated with their cost-saving shared load removals service. This unique offering allows clients to only pay for the space their furniture occupies, especially useful for interprovincial furniture removal on all routes which include mini removals between Johannesburg and Cape Town , between Durban and Cape Town , Between Cape Town – The Garden Route Johannesburg as well as moving to Durban or Johannesburg.


For those within the Cape Town and Western Cape region, their localized teams promise swift, efficient, and friendly services, all aimed at ensuring a hassle-free moving experience. Whether it’s a move along the scenic West Coast or to the picturesque towns inland, they have you covered. To make the transition smoother, Cape Removals even provides valuable removal prices, news and tips. If you’re considering a move soon, reach out for a free quote or contact their dedicated moving consultants to discuss tailored solutions.

2. JHB Removals

Looking for top-notch furniture removals in Johannesburg and Pretoria? JHB Moving Companies Johannesburg  is the answer. Renowned for representing the finest in furniture removals and storage solutions not just locally, but nationally, they bring professionalism to every move. Their team is comprised of experienced, friendly, and quick-moving professionals ready to serve. Whether it’s a house, flat, office, or just a single item, their local teams in Johannesburg and Pretoria are equipped and at the ready.


JHB Removals distinguishes itself with its unique MINI Removals service near you in all of Johannesburg & Gauteng. and specialize in 3 routes countrywide & include weekly long distance moves from Durban to Cape Town, between Johannesburg to Cape Town & between Johannesburg to Durban providing quick, cost-effective, and efficient, they employ smaller vans and teams locally large shared load trucks to specifically match your removal needs. This approach not only ensures speed but also offers efficiency & affordability by forgoing large trucks and extensive teams when they’re not necessary.


Their comprehensive services extend beyond just moving. With a team of well-trained packers, they offer safe and affordable packing services, even on short notice. Every item, be it household or office furniture, is treated with utmost care, ensuring protective packing and wrapping. This commitment to detail has been honed through years of experience in assisting both individuals and companies in their local, national, and international relocations.


Moving can be stressful, but with JHB Removals, you’re promised a convenient, stress-free service that stands unparalleled. If you’re considering a move soon, you can reach out for a quote or explore their news section for more insights.

3. Biggles Removals

Looking for a seamless moving experience in South Africa? Meet Biggles Furniture Removals – the movers that redefine the relocation game. Claimed as one of the country’s most reliable furniture moving companies, Biggles promises to handle every detail for you. Whether it’s the actual move, packing, storage, protective wrapping, or moving insurance, Biggles has you covered.


What sets Biggles apart? They offer a full suite of customizable services tailored for both office removals and household moves. Regardless if you’re relocating within or between cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, or Durban, Biggles assures an effortless transition. Their broad network of branches ensures that there’s always a team near you, ready to step in and simplify your move.


For those with long-distance moves, fret not! Biggles specializes in offering long-distance moving services spanning the entire nation. Businesses can also benefit from their expertise in office and commercial relocations, ensuring minimal downtime and seamless transitions.


Households, no matter their size, can bank on Biggle’s super-fast and efficient local moving services. Their professional movers in Cape Town and Johannesburg ensure the highest standards of service delivery, as emphasized in their numerous positive reviews.

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4. Stuttafords

When it comes to choosing a reliable and experienced partner for your moving needs in Southern Africa, Stuttafords Van Lines is a name that stands out. With a history dating back to the mid-1800s, this company has earned a well-deserved reputation for being the go-to choice for both families and businesses.


A Legacy of Trust

Stuttafords Van Lines has been serving the community for over a century and a half, making it the oldest furniture removal company in Southern Africa. Their journey began when they delivered furniture for Cape Town’s very first department store, and since then, they have evolved into a modern, multinational moving company. With the largest fleet and network in the region, they have become a household name known for their exceptional care and expertise.


Tailored Solutions

One of the key reasons behind Stuttafords Van Lines’ success is their commitment to tailoring their services to meet the unique needs of their customers. Whether you’re moving your home or office, they understand that no two moves are the same. Their dedication to providing prompt and courteous service is evident in every interaction.


A Focus on Expertise

Stuttafords Van Lines doesn’t just rely on their history; they back it up with expertise. Their team of seasoned professionals ensures that your move is handled with precision and care. Their affiliations with national and international removal associations speak to their commitment to professionalism and excellence.

5. Pickfords

Pickfords, a leading South African removal company, excels in furniture removals for local and international clients. Their services extend beyond furniture to include pet and vehicle relocation, office moves, and secure storage solutions.


With branches across South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, Pickfords offers convenience and expertise. Their professional team assists with packing, and furniture transport, and guides you through the entire moving process, reducing the stress associated with relocation.


Pickfords is known for its commitment to quality and professionalism, backed by satisfied customer testimonials. They are also actively involved in community initiatives like the campaign to feed Port Elizabeth and provide valuable insights into international moves.


For a smooth and hassle-free move, trust Pickfords, your premier moving partner in South Africa.

6. Britz Courier & Removal

Comprehensive Services

At Britz Courier & Removal, we’ve got every aspect of your house move covered, regardless of whether it’s a single room or a full house. Our services include:

  • Local Furniture Removals
  • Long Distance Furniture Removals
  • Share Loads 
  • Storage


Your Local Moving Solution

If you’re gearing up for a move to George, Cape Town, or Johannesburg, our local moving company is at your service. We provide free furniture removal quotations and cost-effective moving solutions.

Our local teams in Cape Town and Johannesburg specialize in both small and large local removals, as well as long-distance moves across the Western Cape and major cities throughout South Africa.


Dedicated Teams

To ensure your move goes smoothly, we have dedicated furniture moving teams strategically positioned in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and their respective suburbs. We serve the Western Cape and Gauteng, including surrounding towns.

7. Execu-Move

Execu-Move is South Africa’s reliable furniture removal company, offering local and international services. We cover Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and Port Elizabeth locally, and have a global network for international moves.


Comprehensive Services

Our services include packing, unpacking, pet transport, secure worldwide storage, vehicle transport, full relocation, and Liability coverage. Whether your move is local or international, we ensure your belongings arrive safely.


Nationwide Presence

With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, our friendly consultants guide you through the process. Trust Execu-Move for a stress-free and secure move.

8. Cape Town Furniture Movers

Stepping into the world of moving? Meet Cape Town Furniture Movers, the embodiment of a smooth and hassle-free relocation experience. Notably, after establishing a stellar reputation and witnessing impressive growth within Cape Town, they have recently expanded their portfolio to include long-distance services.


Emphasizing transparency and affordability, Cape Town Furniture Movers ensures there are no unexpected surprises in your moving journey. They stand out by offering clear value based removal quotes for homes & offices and are proud to declare that there are no hidden costs and free guarantees. This is a 1st in the furniture removal Cape Town industry. Catering to a wide demographic, they even offer senior discounts and are adept at handling challenging tasks like moving heavy furniture – all while providing unmatched, friendly service.


Whether you’re looking to move residences or offices, Cape Town Furniture Movers are the local experts who can cater to every nuanced need. Their proficiency isn’t just restricted to moving items. With their wrapping & packing service, they ensure that your cherished belongings are given the utmost care. The boxes they use are meticulously designed for the moving process, guaranteeing optimal protection during transit.

Diving deep into their services:

  • Commercial Moving: Relocating an office can be an intricate task, but with Cape Town Furniture Movers’ office relocation specialists, the process is streamlined and hassle-free.
  • Residential Moving: Transferring a home might seem daunting, but with their seasoned residential moving team, even the most challenging moves appear seamless.
  • Wrapping & Packing: Offering specially designed boxes for the move, Cape Town Furniture Movers ensures that your personal items remain safeguarded and are transported in prime condition.

Their commitment to excellence and dedication to providing an organized, efficient move has propelled them to the forefront of the moving industry in Cape Town. Their recent venture into long-distance services is a testament to their constant pursuit of growth and evolution. Choose Cape Town Furniture Movers and move with confidence and peace of mind.

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