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As a trusted furniture removals company, Cape Removals stands as an authenticated & verified SA Moving Company on platforms like Hello Peter and Google Reviews. We pride ourselves in offering specialised and professional removal company services that ensure a stress-free move. With a track record that speaks volumes, our services extend from all major South African Cities to any destination within The Eastern Cape, including towns in the Western Cape and the Northern Cape.

Cape Removals provides a specialised shared load removal service to The Eastern Cape. This allows you to pay only for the space your items occupy and, interestingly, only for one way! Whether it’s just one item, an office move from a bustling city like Johannesburg or Durban, or relocation from smaller locales such as Nelspruit or the Garden Route, we have you covered. Our trucks, boasting a range of service, pass through almost every town in South Africa every week, including those in the North West.

Operating as a top Cape Town Moving Company, our national infrastructure consists of large trucks designed to carry multiple large households and loads. By pooling our resources, we provide an efficient service with competitive pricing, be it for small office removals or large home removals. In fact, while each of our removal trucks can carry many large homes, over 95% of our customer’s loads are much smaller than the average-sized 3 bedroom household. This setup benefits our clients with smaller loads, ensuring you only pay for the space you use, and only one way!

With a commendable local understanding of The Eastern Cape, Cape Removals provide seamless removal and packing solutions within and to The Eastern Cape. Besides moving, we also offer storage service options and a top-notch courier service for those looking to send packages across the country.

Our specialised shared load furniture removal service isn’t just a service; it’s a cost-saving strategy for our clients. Leveraging our expansive coordinative share load network, clients can transport their goods nationally. The beauty of shared loads is the considerable cost reduction. Multiple clients share the expense by utilizing the available space on our truck already headed towards the same destination. This model not only offers a range of service options but also covers all South African Provinces and Cities, ensuring a stress-free move.

To kickstart this seamless journey, a free moving quote is provided, setting the tone for excellent service delivery. Trust in our fully skilled movers and packers to supply you with boxes, packaging material, and top-tier packing services. Additionally, our booking consultant is always ready with moving tips to ensure you have a pleasant moving experience.

As a trusted furniture removals company with a robust track record, Cape Removals is dedicated to ensuring a stress-free move. Whether you’re looking for office removal in the Western Cape, storage service in the Northern Cape, or a courier service that spans the North West, we’ve got a range of services tailored for you.

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What The Eastern Cape has to offer

The Eastern Cape, one of South Africa’s gems, has garnered numerous accolades over recent years. According to the Eastern Cape Government website, this province stands as the second largest of South Africa’s nine provinces and is a mosaic of attractions. From snow skiing adventures to relaxing sunny beaches, from intriguing game researches to a deep dive into its riveting history, the Eastern Cape Province has it all.

Occupying the easternmost part of South Africa, this vast expanse, covering almost 170,000 square kilometres, is subdivided into six district municipalities and two metropolitan municipalities. Bhisho, located in the Buffalo City Metro, is the seat of its government. One of the province’s standout features is its robust culture and heritage, intricately woven from the rich histories and vibrant traditions of the Xhosa people.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the Eastern Cape was one of the earliest regions to be settled by the Portuguese in 1488 and the British in 1820. This region became a focal point of numerous wars, pitching the local Khoisan and Xhosa against the British, Dutch, and Germans.

For those eager to delve deeper into the highlights of the Eastern Cape, a visit to The Eastern-Cape-Info.co.za website is highly recommended.

Some Highlights of the Eastern Cape – Some more highlights on The Eastern Cape can be found on The Eastern -Cape-Info .co.za website 

The allure of the Eastern Cape is accentuated by its abundance of national parks and open expanses. These areas are idyllic havens for hikes, unparalleled photographic opportunities, bird watching, and mountain biking. Essentially, they are sanctuaries for those passionate about outdoor adventures. A testament to the province’s extensive range of attractions is Tiffindell, the country’s only snow skiing resort located near Rhodes. It serves as a beloved retreat for winter enthusiasts.

If you’re contemplating a move to this stunning region, Cape Removals simplifies the decision for you. With a focus on offering a “stress-free” furniture moving service in specific South African regions, they ensure reliable delivery combined with an extensive range of customisable moving services. Their top-notch customer service, complemented by additional offerings such as a cleaning service and a dedicated delivery service, makes them the go-to choice for a cost-effective and professional relocation to the Eastern Cape.

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