Other Protective Packaging
Material For Safer Relocation
Of Your Home Or Office

  1. Packaging Paper for wrapping of crockery and glasses into boxes
  2. Bubble Wrap for Mirrors, Paintings, Ornaments etc
  3. Couch Plastic Bags
  4. Buff Tape
  5. Marking Pen
Packaging Material

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Available Boxes & Packaging Materials for Cape Town Only

We specialize in complete packaging services to assist you in organizing your removal safely and smoothly. As one of the trusted moving companies in Cape Town, we also offer sales on packaging materials for self-packaging. Our team is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable moving services to ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients in Cape Town and beyond.

New Boxes

(480 x 500 x 350)
@ R33.00 per box

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A standard size box for all purposes. Big enough for general use and small enough to accommodate kitchen crockery and even books.

Ensure to seal your boxes securely so that no loose items fall out and so we can stack them in the truck when loading.

2nd Hand Boxes

(​480 x 500 x 350)
@ R20.00 per box

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A strong standard size box for all purposes. Big enough for general use and small enough to accommodate kitchen crockery and even books.

We highly recommend using the used boxes. They in good condition & actually stronger than the new box option.


@ R125 Each.

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A great moving option. Various Moving kits which include sturdy, recyclable plastic moving boxes are available which will be delivered & collected from your doorstep, at a date and time that suits you. Once you’ve moved and unpacked, you won’t have to dispose of the boxes or find room for them. Contact Ecobox Directly on Tel: 0861 745 269.

Buff Tape/Packing Tape

@ R25.00 each

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You will need approximately 1 x tape per 12 boxes. This is useful to secure your boxes A standard size box for all purposes.

Big enough for general use and small enough to accommodate kitchen crockery and even books

Packing Paper

@ R65 per roll

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Packing Paper is useful to wrap crockery and the kitchenware so that you can pack them in your boxes with protection.

It’s important to keep the crockery packed in a compact manner in unison with bubble wrap to fill in the empty spaces in the boxes.

Bubble Wrap

@R550 per roll
​(1,25m wide x 100m)

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It can support the packing of fragile goods in your boxes. Paintings, Pictures, and many other surfaces that need protection whilst your goods are in transit or even when they are trying to manoeuvre the items that have challenging accessibility.

Mattress & Couch Bags

@ R125 Each.

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This is a very effective bag to hygienically protect your mattress bags and bases. The removal teams hands obviously get dirty and make it difficult not to mark mattresses carrying and in transit.

Couch Bags

@ R125 Each

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Highly recommended for lounge suites as they are more awkward and require more intensive handling. Especially beneficial if you have Leather or a light coloured lounge suite.

Cling Wrap

@ depending on the size of furniture

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(Single Door Fridge = R45, Microwave = R25)

This is a useful protective covering that can be wrapped around any shaped furniture item to ensure effective protection.

It’s a lot thinner but our removal teams will use blankets and cling wrap. Very Effective and very recommended.

Wardrobe Boxes

@ R280 Each.

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This is a very effective box to  protect your clothes from creasing. It is a faster and better alternative to boxes and assist you with packing much more speedily.

How To Pack Your Box

Try to balance the weight and the textures inside your box so that everything is protected and secure. The less movement in the box the safer it is. We wouldn’t advise you to pack your box too heavy. Remember the box needs to hold whilst being carried, Preferable One guy to lift a box, the box still needs to be packed in the truck & maintain space efficiency

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