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Cape Town has continuously been recognised and voted as one of the top destination cities in the world, top ten CNN destination city, and world design capital for 2014. These are only a few of many as a result of hard work & initiatives instilled by the leadership of the Western Cape.

More Moving Tips and reasons why so many people are choosing Cape Town and Western Cape as their new home:

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Frequently asked questions

Why Move to Cape Town?

​​Finally, a Moving Company that represents the very best in furniture removals and packing solutions. We are a furniture removal company based in Cape Town with local movers and teams that are localized & trained to facilitate all your moving Cape Town requirements. Long Distance Furniture Removals to all South African cities are provided weekly. We also offer cost-efficient Shared Load Furniture Removals are provided where you pay only one way and for the space, you are using. Whether you’re moving a home, a flat, an office, or even require a small move then we can help you with your relocation to another suburb, city, or province.

So many moving companies in Cape Town - How do I choose

Professionalism and timeous communication are all behavioral telling signs of how that company operates and behaves. It starts from your 1st contact. The chosen moving company should be professional and provide advice on how to make your move easier!


Cape Town Moving Companies will help you with your relocation from anywhere in the Western Cape & South Africa to any of Cape town’s surrounding suburbs which include The Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Cape Winelands, Cape West Coast, South Peninsula & The beautiful Overberg region. A free moving quote is provided as a starting point to excellent service. Most Moving Companies in Cape Town should provide you with BoxesPackaging Materials, Packing Service & Moving Tips to help you prepare for a pleasant moving experience.

Things to think of before moving home

If you’re planning on moving long-distance, have you thought carefully about how you will move everything?

Moving may seem as simple as boxing everything up and loading it into the truck, but there is a lot more to it than that. You’ll need specific packing materials for different belongings and how you pack them is important. You may even have to reconsider what you take with you.

Let’s have a look at a few examples of unexpected challenges when it comes to relocating your home:


Most people’s TVs are flat screens (generally big ones, too), which is great– except when you have to relocate them. The best recommendation is to package them in their original boxes. If you threw yours out (like most people), here are a few packing tips.

Option 1: Purchase a new flat-screen box from a local moving supply retailer. The price will vary, but it shouldn’t be over $100.

Option 2: Wrap it in blankets and place it carefully in a large moving box. Be sure to position it securely on the truck so it can’t be bumped in transit.


Fish make wonderful pets due to their low-maintenance. However, moving them requires careful planning and strategic steps to ensure your fish make it to your new home unharmed.

Take plants and other objects out of the tank and put them in zip-lock bags with some water from the aquarium to preserve the bacteria.

Load the fish into a holding container with some of the aquarium water.
Take the rest of the equipment and put it in a sealed container free of any chemicals.
Put the fish along with the drained aquarium in your car where it won’t get bumped and where there will be less sloshing.

Set everything up immediately at your new home.



If you have plants you want to bring with you, stick to the following guidelines.

Transplant your plants into plastic pots several weeks in advance. You don’t want to have fragile pottery or ceramic planters in your car when you hit bumps.

Be sure to transplant them ahead of time to reduce stress.

Keep temperatures in your car moderate while transporting your plants. Remember, plants are living and sudden temperature shocks can kill them.

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