How much does a Moving Company typically cost?

We try expose the varying influences that affects a typical moving company cost of moving your home or office. There are two basic starting removal formulas that will ultimately influence the cost of your home or office removal.

  1. Are you moving locally within your respective province?
  2. Are you moving long distance in between provinces ?

We try and give you an idea of the various influences on your potential moving company cost;  You will then be able to start making decisions and start planning the relocation of your home once you have a better idea of how much your moving company will be charging you. Its cheaper than you think! Preparedness, awareness and being proactive can take you a long way when Moving!        Plan your your move better, save where you can and get the best service possible (at a great price, of course!). Your 1st starting point is to establish Who are your best​ moving companies near you?

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Also: Find out about the factors that are driving the cost of moving on the most popular long distance route in South Africa: The cost to move from Johannesburg to Cape Town & The Western Cape.

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Approximate moving company costs calculator, South Africa

Influences on Local & Long Distance Moving Company Costs

If we look at​ local Cheap Cape Town moving company prices , Johannesburg, Pretoria an Durban South Africa, then we see that moving a home locally (within the same city), usually starts as low as R1000, for the basic costs – some other factors come into play, which we’ll look at lower down. And, if you’re moving to another city, it starts around R3000 to R6000 and up, with other wider influences that impact your typical costs being how much space you absorb in the removal truck and the ability of the removal team to access your furniture items as well as how far they need to travel to your new destination address.

Another way to calculate moving costs is to consider that most local moves cost around R1000 to R2000 per hour’s work for a 6 man removal team and removal van. So, a quick 2-hour move with little hassle can be around R2000. A little more if you have special requirements like protective wrapping, insurance and possible shuttle should you be a in complex with height and weight restrictions. Therefore, since the average 2 bedroom move can take anything between 2 to 6 hours depending on accessibility and readiness, You can then bargain on about R1500 to R6000 for your home removal locally. Ironically long distance removals to other provinces arent that far off locally priced removals.  The smaller your move then the less manpower will be required and the less time your move will take , Therefore your furniture removal cost will reduce relatively!

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Average Moving Company Costs

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What are average Moving Company costs?

How much do movers cost for a one bedroom apartment?

Costs start at around R1500 upwards for moving a one bedroom or bachelor flat within the same neighbourhood/city limits, of course depending on how much furniture there is to be moved, how far and any extra services required.

How much do movers cost for a 2 bedroom apartment?

You’re looking at about R1750 or R1950 upwards for your average 2 bedroom flat of about 50 square metres, within the same city/town. Again, distance and the actual amount of goods can have an impact.

What’s the average cost to move a 3 bedroom house?

Since houses tend to have more space, including garage and outdoors, it starts at around R3000 upwards to move a small 3 bedroom house in the same city. But that’s only a guide price, since the complexity of the move, distance and actual square metre-amount of goods to be moved all affect the price.

What’s the average cost to move a 4-bedroom house?

For a 4-bedroom house, within the same neighbourhood/city, you can likely look at prices starting from R4500 to R6000 upwards. Usually because these houses have more furniture to move.

But these are just guide prices. And if you really want to know how much your move will actually cost, take a minute to request a removal quote. It’s obligation-free, so it really is the easiest way to get an accurate amount to compare and save on your move.

PLUS: How much do long distance movers cost?

How much does a moving company typically cost when you’re moving long distance? Well the good news is that there are ways to make it a lot cheaper than you might think. See, since you have furniture being transported regularly between major cities and hubs, there’s already an established infrastructure and schedule of existing furniture being transported on main city o city routes within South Africa. And we at Cape Removals which are trusted and verified through Google and Hello Peter as a professional and authentic moving company can provide safe & secure long distance furniture removals.

What we do is specialize in share-load furniture removals, where you only pay for the share/part of load or removal truck space that’s already going to the city you’re moving to. It can help you save a fortune on inter-city moves. See all about our special cheap long distance furniture removals.

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How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

Navigating the intricacies of moving can be daunting. One of the most frequently asked questions that arise when planning a move is, “how much does a local move cost?” It’s essential to get a clear understanding of the expenses involved to effectively budget and prepare for the transition. Costs can vary considerably based on various factors, so let’s delve into the specifics to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

The cost of hiring a moving company is not a flat rate. Factors like the volume of items, distance between locations, accessibility, and special handling requirements can significantly influence the final quote. When pondering the question, “HOW MUCH DOES A MOVING COMPANY TYPICALLY COST?” one must keep in mind that additional services like packaging, assembly, disassembly, or storage might also come into play. These extras, while invaluable for a seamless move, could add to the cost.

In locales like Cape Town, several moving companies offer diverse services, but it’s pivotal to choose one that provides transparency in their pricing structure. For those curious about specific figures or looking for a tailored quote based on your unique moving needs, Cape Removals is an excellent place to start. Their team provides detailed quotes that reflect the genuine value of their services without any hidden costs.

Now, if your move isn’t just around the corner but spans longer distances, costs can differ. Long-distance removals involve a more intricate logistics setup and are often priced based on both volume and the mileage covered. To gain insights into such moves and get a detailed cost breakdown, exploring Cape Removals’ long-distance removals page can be exceptionally beneficial.


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