Moving Company Prices from Province to Province

Ways to Cut Moving Company prices when moving from Province to Province

Relocating can be a traumatic, disorienting, and sometimes costly experience, especially when undertaking a long distance move from one province to another within South Africa. The stress intensifies when we consider the emotional weight attached to personal items and furniture, each representing unique memories built over time. These are not just physical items; they are symbolic of stability. And now, you have the task of packaging these attachments and transporting them interprovincially, hoping for minimal disruption and an average cost that won’t break the bank.

In this article, we delve into strategies to reduce furniture removal prices and alleviate the stress accompanying such a move. While we’ll reference popular moving routes occasionally, it’s important to highlight that Cape Furniture Removals offers services that tick all these boxes. To get an actual sample cost for your move, use our contact form or the REQUEST A QUOTE button, and our friendly consultant will guide you through our seamless furniture removal quoting process.

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Key Points to Find your best Moving Company at The Best Price

  1. Moving Company Reputation is everything: First and Foremost – You need to narrow down your Furniture Moving Company based on reputation so that your hard earned money will be in safe hands . This can easily be verified authentically on Hello Peter and Google reviews. If there is no history on these review platforms then dont shortlist them. Your risk of losing your money and risk to your home contents is drastically increased if your moving company cannot be authenticated positively on these platforms.  You can verify removal companies on the following links – Hello Peter Reviews and Google Reviews
  2. Moving Companies near you that Specialize in your Removal Route from your current province to your new province Once you have done your preliminary research and have isolated reputable moving companies then its important to further narrow it down and understand which of those furniture removal companies specialize or at least offer regular routes from your current province to your new province. The moving companies that do the your route more regular will most likely be the company that can offer better prices. This is because they have an established infrastructure and their trucks are routinely committed and will therefore want to fill up any empty spaces .They will offer great prices to rather travel with a full truck. They will also be geared to accommodate shared load removal company services which is the ultimate cost effective way of moving home from province to province.
  3. National Shared Load Removal Services in South Africa , You will need check that each removal company on your shortlist offer Shared Load removals , This is your most cost efficient way of moving your home a to a new province. Removal Companies that provide Shared Load removals services will only charge you for the space that use in the truck and the will only charge you for one way only. Removal companies that offer a dedicated truck will charge the cost to move there and an additional cost to drive the truck back .
  4. Accurate Inventory – Avoid undeclared inventory – This can lead to extra charges that are above the usual removal formulas. Planning , and space loading is very important to a removal company and you don’t want to incur charges that might require a reconfiguring of your removal to accommodate extras items that you forgot to put on your inventory.
  5. Packing and Preparing your for your removal – This is a priceless service – Nothing is more important than protective wrapping your high value and sentimental items, minimise the risk and ask your removal consultant about this as part of your removal quote.
  6. Popular Removal Company Destination Routes – This is more important than you think, Ask your removal company how often they frequent the removal route that you require to move your home to another province
  7. Less Popular Routes – These can be more costly and less consistent as the removal company might have to wait longer to accumulate more clients to fill up the space in the truck .
  8. The Price of your required furniture removals from Province to Province will depend on your removal route and the size of your removal load. (How much space you occupy in the truck) – Read More about approximate moving company prices per removal route here

Cape Removals offer Weekly Long Distance Removals tailored for both large homes and small load removals to and between all major South African cities. This includes cities like Cape Town, JHB, PTA, Durban, PE, Nelspruit, The Eastern Cape, East London, and The Garden Route. Owing to our extensive interprovincial mover network, Cape Town Furniture Removals can facilitate regular interconnecting long-distance moving services in South Africa.

This infrastructure and our consistent schedule enable us to provide a unique and specialized Shared Load Furniture Removal service. Dive deeper on our Blog to understand the cost factors driving the expense of moving from Johannesburg to The Western Cape.

Try Our Specialised Shared Load Furniture Removal Service

Our specialized shared load furniture removal service stands out as an optimal solution for clients aiming to move their belongings nationally, leveraging our coordinated share load moving company network. With shared load removals, you can take advantage of significantly reduced prices. How? The costs are shared by multiple clients using the available space on our truck, which is already en route to your desired destination. Essentially, Share Loading Removals emerges as a cost-effective and efficient solution for interprovincial moves across South Africa.

Initiate your move with a free moving quote – a precursor to our excellent service delivery. Our skilled movers and packers provide boxes, packaging material, and both basic and additional service options such as packing. See our inventory list of services and check out our authentic reviews on Hello Peter, which ranks us among the top removal companies in South Africa. Get in touch with your dedicated furniture removal consultant for competitive quotations and comprehensive support, ensuring an efficient long-distance move.

Temporary storage, both short and long-term, is available to synchronize your move schedule, be it for traveling, in-between property transfers, renovations, or just the need for extra space. This extra service, coupled with our commitment, makes your 1 bedroom apartment or larger home move as streamlined as possible.


Long Distance Removal Support Services include:

Packing, protective wrapping, packing supply, storage, and insurance are essential facets of the moving experience. They not only provide convenience but also reduce the relocation cost and stress out of your removal. This ensures a safe and secure relocation of your home, furniture, and special items to your destination address, whether it’s a 2 bedroom home or larger. If you are contemplating a cross country move to cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Garden Route, Port Elizabeth or any other interconnecting City’s & Towns in our beautiful native land of South Africa, then your Cape Town Moving Company, with our experienced movers, is ready to assist! Please complete the contact form and your removal consultant will help you with easy quoting process, moving insights and a tailored quote and moving cost calculator insights.

Moving Company Prices from Province to Province in South Africa



There are various influencing factors that determine your moving price as all house removals are unique & influenced by mainly 4 factors:

However, we have taken the average of a few of our most recent moving quotes from our main routes in South Africa to give you an idea of what it would cost you: Please read our Moving News & Trends blog that helps break down moving quotes inter province. 

  • The size of the moving truck that you will need ? (Volume of your furniture)
  • How much manpower will you need to move your small move or home in good time?
  • How long will it take to load , travel and offload your furniture – Volume + Accessibility + Travel time
  • End month or Mid Month ? All transfers & lease renewals happen at the end of the month. You can save money on you move if you have the ability to manipulate your moving date out of the end month zone.

Extras – This also makes a difference – Inventory items and protective wrapping are optional extras but our prices are very affordable and enhances easier & safer relocation. – Packing & Storage are optional extras.

National removals South Africa

Our Cost Effective Long Distance Share Load Furniture Removal Services

This share load furniture removal option is becoming increasingly popular as a cost-saving measure. It’s especially beneficial for those undertaking a distance move. We offer this share load furniture removals option on all major national routes to all cities within South Africa. The beauty of this service is that you only pay one way and for the space your household items occupy in the truck. All the transportation costs and running costs of the truck and your moving team are split amongst multiple clients heading in the same direction as you. It’s an efficient way to manage the cost of housing your items during transit.


Need to relocate to the Western Cape, KZN or up North? Learn how to save a ton of money when you move furniture from Johannesburg to another province.


Long Distance Furniture Removals

Our Supporting Long Distance Moving Company Services

Our moving services begin with the planning of your move and packing of your belongings. Your dedicated removal consultant will guide you every step starting with your home inventory which can be completed online. Once that is completed then we will assess how much space you will take in the truck an provide you you two options:

  1. Specialised Shared Load Furniture Removal Service
  2. Dedicated Truck allocated for your move only 

Our National Shared Load Furniture Removals is becoming more and more popular as you will only pay for the space you use in the truck and you will only pay for one way only. Read More About our Shared Load Furniture Removals Here = Shared Load Moving Company Services

When it comes to packing, you have three options to consider: full-service packing, self-pack, and a 4 6 hour quick pack service. If you opt for the self-pack, our long-distance movers can provide all the essential packing supplies, from moving boxes and bubble wrap to buff tape and cling wrap, ensuring your special items and household items are safeguarded. Additional services offered by Cape Removals, aside from our experienced mover expertise, include the disassembly and reassembly of furniture and appliances. For those unexpected or delayed scenarios, we offer both short term and long term storage solutions. Always striving to elevate your experience, we aim to make your moving journey a positive one as you embark on long distance removals in South Africa. For more cost-effective solutions, inquire about our affordable long-distance furniture removals and comprehensive support services, ensuring an efficient and seamless removal experience.

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