Costs Involved​ To Hire A Moving Company For A Local Move

There are many influences that have an effect on your furniture removal influence over your move in the various provinces like Western Cape, Gauteng, Pretoria, Eastern Cape & Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. A summary of the influences can be different in each province but generally include:

  1. End month moving is always more expensive than the middle month (Property Transfers and Lease Expiry are mostly month-end). This causes a bottleneck effect around the end month. If you can manipulate your property transfers or coordinate with the person whose house you renting or buying then you can save up to 40% on furniture removal
  2. Accessibility influences at your Collection and Delivery addresses can cause delays and might require extra manpower to facilitate the stairs and long carries which inturns also takes us more time. Remember a Good Furniture Removal Company wants to be able to do your removal quickly and efficiently whilst keeping an accurate schedule for moves planned after yours. So it’s important for us to understand the accessibility challenges at your collection and delivery addresses.
  3. Choosing convenient addon services like Packing, Protective Wrapping, Disassembling, Storage & Insurance
  4. Obviously, distance will play a role but Diesel is not a large portion of your removal quote, It’s more the hourly time it costs to have a full removal team do nothing whilst they travel. Good Removal Companies ensure that they are looked after and paid well and treated fairly. The locality of your Suburbs and City’s (Distance cost us diesel and team time)

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What Influences Moving Companies Quotations?

Inventory of Furniture & Personal Goods that need to be relocated need to be accurate so the correct truck size can be allocated and for insurance purposes.

To ensure that your inventory is correctly accounted for

  1. Complete our Online Removal Inventory form as honestly and Accurately as possible – Or Request an online quote!
  2. ​Email a completed inventory list (Excel) to for National Moves and local@caperemovals for Local Moves within The Western Cape.
  3. ​Or Request a moving consultant to visit and take an Inventory.

Packing – Packing is a very specialised & time-consuming service. Proper planning needs to be done to facilitate which often needs to be done a day or two before your relocation happens.

Protective Wrapping Requirements – Delicate or specialised wrapping needs to be taken into account.

Home Accessibility at Pick up & Delivery Addresses are important factors as poor truck access or difficult locations to reach may slow down the process, costing more manpower per hour.

Moving Date – Because most property transfers and rentals happen at the end of the month, there is often a bottleneck of relocations happening between the 25th and 3rd of every month. Thus, removal companies will often offer lower rates in quieter periods such as the middle of the month.

Distance – Being in an industry that provides transportation of goods, it should come as no surprise that the distance between pick-up and delivery locations will have a big impact on pricing.

Dismantling & Reassembling of Furniture – This is a time-consuming exercise and staff (s) time do need to be allocated to facilitate this process.​

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