Breaking Down the Avg Costs of moving from Joburg to Durban

Understanding the average cost to move furniture from Johannesburg to Durban is crucial in ensuring a hassle-free relocation. Costs can greatly differ based on elements such as the size and weight of your furniture, the distance of the move, and any extra services needed. To offer an approximate cost, here’s a breakdown of recent moving quotes for varying housing types with Biggles Removals:


Housing Type Average Cost
1 Bedroom House / Flat / Apartment R 4650
2 Bedroom House / Flat / Apartment R 7035
4 Bedroom House / Apartment R 17 650


Remember, incorporating hefty or oversized furniture, delicate items such as heirlooms, or specific needs like transporting pianos can dramatically bump up the cost of moving your items. The same principle applies if you’re seeking specialized services like packing or storage options. The intricacies and individual needs of your relocation are key determinants in the final quotation.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to Durban?

The cost to move to Durban can differ extensively based on numerous aspects such as the distance of the move, the number of possessions, and the services you opt for. If you’re considering a local move within Durban, expenses might range from R3,000 to R7,000. For longer transits, especially from Johannesburg to Durban, the prices can go higher, perhaps ranging from R4,650 for a one-bedroom flat to R17,650 for a four-bedroom house. The type of items, any add-on services, and the choice of your moving company play pivotal roles in the final estimate. Leveraging a system like Our Online Quoting can guide in procuring precise estimates tailored to your bespoke requirements.

How Much Is It to Move Furniture from Johannesburg to Durban?

Relocating furniture from Johannesburg to Durban is quite an endeavor, and the associated costs mirror the distance and intricacies of such a task. Here’s a general split of the typical charges based on the type of residence:


Type of Residence Estimated Cost
1 Bedroom House / Flat / Apartment R 4,650
2 Bedroom House / Flat / Apartment R 7,035
4 Bedroom House / Apartment R 17,650


These estimates are subject to change depending on the dimensions and heftiness of your furnishings, any distinctive or delicate possessions, and other services you might need such as packaging, warehousing, or specific handling. Renowned entities excelling in long-distance removals, like Cape Removals, can dish out an in-depth quotation, accounting for your distinctive prerequisites, cementing clarity and worth for every penny spent on relocation services.

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Cost to Move Furniture from Johannesburg to Durban: An In-depth Analysis

Venturing into the realm of relocating furniture from Johannesburg to Durban necessitates a comprehensive grasp of the associated costs for a seamless planning experience. Charges can oscillate based on multiple determinants:

  • Size of Move: The magnitude, be it a lone room or a sprawling residence, and the sheer weight and volume of your fixtures predominantly dictate the expenditure.


  • Distinctive Possessions: Managing peculiar or fragile assets like grand pianos, heirlooms, or hefty furnishings demands an added layer of proficiency and care, amplifying the costs.


  • Services Desired: Essentials like packaging, warehousing, or tailored conveyance solutions will inevitably notch up the cumulative expenses.


  • Choice of Mover: Opting for a distinguished firm like Cape Removals guarantees a par excellence service without denting your wallet.

Is it Cheaper to Live in Durban or Johannesburg?

The ongoing debate about whether it’s more affordable to live in Durban or Johannesburg often pivots on personal preferences and lifestyle choices. Johannesburg, as South Africa’s main economic engine, boasts an energetic urban life, an abundance of career opportunities, and a rich cultural scene. This bustling metropolitan atmosphere, while enticing, sometimes brings with it higher living costs, particularly in prime residential or commercial areas. On the other hand, Durban, with its warm coastal ambiance, offers residents a unique blend of beach life and urban sophistication. Durban’s housing market, in many instances, provides more value for money, especially when compared to the upmarket neighborhoods of Johannesburg. Leisure activities by the sea can also be more budget-friendly. However, Johannesburg’s expansive amenities and top-tier services might come with a premium, balancing out the cost scales between the two cities.

What is the Average Cost of Living in Durban?

Diving into the cost dynamics of Durban, it’s clear that the city offers a distinct lifestyle, combining both urban and coastal elements. On average, for a single professional or individual, monthly expenses excluding rent could range roughly from R7,500 to R11,000, depending on lifestyle choices. This encompasses expenses related to transportation, dining, entertainment, utilities, and groceries. Rent, always a significant portion of one’s monthly expenses, varies substantially in Durban. For instance, while a one-bedroom apartment in Durban’s city center might set you back between R4,500 to R6,500, a spacious three-bedroom property in a sought-after neighborhoods could demand monthly rents upward of R11,000. It’s worth noting that these are ballpark figures, and fluctuation is inevitable based on economic factors and personal preferences.

Cost of Moving Furniture from Durban to Johannesburg

When contemplating a move between cities, understanding the financial implications becomes pivotal. Transitioning furniture over vast distances, especially between Durban and Johannesburg, requires meticulous planning and can be a sizable investment. This is where Cape Removals comes into the picture, offering tailored solutions for such relocations. Here’s an illustrative breakdown of typical removal costs, although precise quotes can vary:


To Johannesburg Average Removals Cost by Cape Removals
Moving from Cape Town to Johannesburg R4995 to R19 995
Moving from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg R3995 to R17 995
Moving from Nelspruit to Johannesburg R4995 to R19 995
Moving from Durban to Johannesburg R7995 to R19 995


It’s essential to bear in mind that these costs can see variations based on specific requirements. For instance, if you have antiques, fragile artworks, or specialized furniture pieces, handling them would require extra care, possibly adding to the cost. Cape Removals excels in providing comprehensive quotes that factor in all such unique needs, ensuring you receive value for your expenditure, combined with efficient and safe relocation services.

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