How to pack an office?

How to Pack an Office? Clear out any unwanted items, Pack unnecessary items first,  How to pack office electronic equipment, How to move your office furniture. Plus: Use a removal company’s packing service.

Moving office can be a stressful time for many businesses and a lot of planning is necessary. Offices have a lot of expensive equipment which needs to be kept safe and packed up properly. Below we discuss the best way to pack up an office.


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Clear Out Any Unwanted Items

Before packing up your office it is a good idea to have a clean out and see what you can get rid of. There is no point transporting unwanted items to the new office that is going to end up being clutter and take up more space. Go through any cabinets or cupboards and see what is no longer needed. Ask each employee to go through any personal cupboards or desks, to make sure they are also clearing out anything they don’t need anymore.

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Some How To's

Pack Unnecessary Items First

In order to not disturb your employees too much, pack away all unnecessary items first. This can include any ornaments or equipment that is not likely to be used any time soon. You won’t be able to pack everything up until close to the move so that your employees are still able to work normally. However, to make things go quicker on the moving day, ensure everything that can be possibly packed, is packed.

How To Pack Office Electronic Equipment

Offices have a lot of expensive electronics that need to be packed correctly in order to make sure nothing is damaged in transit. Before packing any equipment make sure files on the devices are backed up onto a hard drive and in the cloud prior to the moving day. This will ensure that if something does get lost or damaged you are able to recover it another way.

Keep all wires and cables organised. Use zip ties to prevent them from getting tangled and use labels to wrap around each cord to write what each one is for. This will save you a lot of time when unpacking in your new office.

If you have the original boxes for any electronic equipment then use these, as these are usually built specifically for that item and to keep it safe from damage. If you are packing electronics into other boxes, then ensure that you use plenty of packing materials, so that there are no gaps in the boxes. This way, if the boxes move around the equipment inside will stay put and won’t be damaged. If you are moving anything that has a screen, wrap the screen in packing paper or bubble wrap so that it can’t get broken.

Seal all of the boxes with tape, ensuring that the boxes aren’t too heavy and won’t get damaged. Write on each box what is inside so that in the new office you are able to find what you are looking for quickly.

How To Move Your Office Furniture

It is always advised that you disassemble your furniture, so it takes up less space in the removal truck and is protected from damage. If you are able to disassemble any furniture before the move, start doing that in order to save more time and money on your moving day.

Use A Removal Company’s Packing Service

Some removal companies have packing services, where they will bring their own materials and pack up all of your items for you. They can also disassemble the furniture and reassemble it in the new office for you. They can do all of this in one day. This will save you a lot of time and ensure that your move goes a lot more smoothly. A lot of businesses do this because of these reasons.

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