The Basics of "How to Plan an Office or Business Move?"

The starting point to “How to Plan an Office or Business Move?”

  • Embrace the the coming change,
  • Contact your Office Removal Company, Use their supporting services & secure the date. Your choice of removal company can make the ultimate difference
  • Go through your office move checklist 
  • Communicate to all your service providers, clients and employees.

Moving offices and your business can be very disruptive however it can be an exciting adventure if planned correctly. We will provide you insights on what to look out for and even give you a checklist so that you are fully prepared. Preparedness for your office relocation is everything and it can kickstart a wonderful start to an exciting change for your business and its employees.

Amidst the whirlwind of an office move, stress levels can soar, there can be distractions and loss of productivity. Yet, within this chaos lies an opportunity for growth and cohesion. Every member of your team can be united with good communication and a common goal: The relocation of your business is ultimately for the betterment of the company and if everyone buys into the big move and takes responsibility for their own areas and spaces then your office relocation will be an absolute breeze. This can be a huge opportunity for the business to motivate and inspire your employees with new vision and a refreshing approach going forward.

As leaders, we understand the weight of responsibility resting on our shoulders. The success of our businesses hinges on our ability to navigate this journey wisely. While the costs of relocation may seem daunting, the true price of an unplanned move extends far beyond financial considerations.

Lost productivity, missed deadlines and strained client relationships are just a few of the risks we face. Yet, with proper planning and foresight, these challenges can be overcome.

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Consideration's and Starting Points for Planning your Office Relocation

Whether you are upscaling and downscaling , Technology , Green Energy and Natural light are such big factors which influence the environment and sustainability of a business. We will address some of these influences in another article but your IT set up and function will be a priority before booking your move. You will not be able to set a moving date until you understand when your IT installation infrastructure will be set up and switched on for you.

IT Installation is Critical as your starting point when planning your the moving of your offices:


  • Analyse your new location for your business and ensure that you understand its IT capabilities, facilities, and utilities.
  • Isolate and Implement a schedule for your office relocation with deadlines on when new technology and all things IT will be ready . ( Allow for another 5 days grace for the unexpected )
  • Map out your office space and think about the changes you may need to make to workstations, IT infrastructure, and fixtures. Keep this map and label the department and who’s office it is. This can be your floor plan that you can give your removal foreman who will make sure that your furniture and office goods are accurately placed in their correct places when you move your offices.
  • Consider how your office move will affect any existing projects you have in motion.
  • Allocate responsibilities’ to all departments or persons to take responsibility of their immediate office area but they must also take responsibility of communicating to all their service providers and clients.  EG: Marketing and Sales have to communicate to all their clients advising of them of the date of your move and the new address.


Some Office Removal DONTS:

Don’t try and do your own Office Removal

It might seem like a good idea to save money by not hiring a moving company to help you move your office, or by doing everything yourself. There is a lot more detail when moving offices and the stress factor of change can catch up to you, so it’s important to get help. It will cost you more in money, energy and stress and you will be surprised on how much your office removal company will cost. Ask for the help and hire a good moving company to do the hard work for you. You wont regret it! Find our out more on How much it will cost hire a moving company and why they charge what they do !

Don’t underestimate your budget

Don’t think you can skip the small things when moving your office. It’s going to cost money, no doubt about it. Understand that and give yourself some extra room just in case it ends up costing more than you expect. If it doesn’t, you can use that extra money to do something special for your team and celebrate the new office.

Don’t leave it all until the last minute

Putting off your move is not smart. Moving is known to be one of the most stressful things we do in life. Moving offices is also very stressful. But if you stick to your plans and don’t leave everything to the last minute, your moving day might be easier than you think.

Don’t exclude your staff or your customers 

Communicating your plans and involving your staff can make them feel good. It’s important to keep your employees engaged and happy. Also, talking to your customers early about your move can make them trust you more. This can help keep your relationships with customers strong in the future

Don't Forget Some Finer details when moving your Business

Making sure you brainstorm with your project team can be the key to making sure you have thought of all the finer details. For example, make a list of the general supplies you might need to procure such as the following:

  • Storage boxes in varying sizes (Your Furniture Removals Company Can Supply)
  • Packaging papers and bubble wrap (Your Removal Company Can Supply)
  • A packing table / dedicated packing desk
  • Permanent markers and labels (Your Removal Company Can Supply)
  • Air-filled padding (Your Removal Company Can Supply)
  • Please visit our blog for more moving office moving tips 
Office removal tips

Create A Moving Task Force

As moving an office is a big task, you will need to draw in a team of employees to help ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you have an office manager or any receptionists, they will probably be your first port of call. Having a task force helping will make everything more manageable and less daunting. Inform them of the move and what you are hoping they will help with. It is a good idea to make a list of things that needs to be done and delegate a few of those tasks out to different members of the team.

Average Moving Company Costs

Some How To's

Book A Removal Company

As soon as you know your moving date, the first thing you should do is book a removal company. Do some research into what company is right for you. Get some quotes to help you come to that decision. Booking the company as soon as possible is important, as removal companies can become booked up very quickly. You don’t want to be left with no options because you booked too close to the move.

Send Out Communications To Employees

Once you have created your task force and have started the moving plans already, you need to ensure that all the rest of the employees are informed of the move. Announcing big changes can often be unsettling for employees, so make sure your communication is informative, but also reassuring. The communications should include:

  • Why you are moving and what you want to accomplish from the move
  • The logistics of the office move, including the timeline, the new office, and what they need to do in the days before the move
  • Details about any easing of flexible working during the time of the move. Are you letting them work from home whilst it is going ahead? Or will some of the employees be in the office during this time?
  • Who should they contact if they have any questions or queries about the move and the new office?
  • A celebration of this great next step. End on a positive note to reassure your employees of their position and security in the company.

If you don’t have all the details above, then you might want to consider a communications plan, where you send out new information leading up to the move. It is recommended that you also send out a reminder email closer to the time of the move with more detailed information about what is expected of employees during this time.

Think About The Logistics Of The New Office

Something that is very important to think about before the move is how you are going to layout your new office. Knowing these details and even drawing up a plan will help tremendously when the removal company is moving your new stuff in. It means that when you have completed the move everything will go a lot smoother, as everyone who is helping will know exactly where everything is meant to go. Doing this can help your company get back on its feet quicker and reduce the amount of time that your employees are without a functioning office.

Pack Up The Office

With help from the task force, you will need to make a plan of when you are going to pack up certain aspects of the office. If there is any furniture or office supplies that won’t be needed around the move date, then begin packing all of that up as soon as possible. Dismantle any furniture that isn’t being used, ready for the move. Try and pack up everything that you can before the move date to make the moving day much quicker. Removal companies offer packing services, where they can pack and dismantle furniture and move it to the new office all in one day. This can be very helpful for office moves and causes the least disruption to office life, so it is definitely something to consider.

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