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Office Removals is often the result of a company’s expansion or the end of its current lease. An expanding business isn’t a bad thing. However, once a business begins to grow, more office space is often needed. Whether you’re moving from a home office to a new workspace or relocating from one commercial building to another, choosing an office space for your business isn’t easy. Once you have chosen your new location, the move itself is the next bridge you’ll have to cross. Businesses make money when the company is up and running; therefore, since your whole business, or parts of it at various times, will be non-operational during the move, you want to make sure the process is as efficient as possible. Here are five tips to help you relocate your small business office efficiently and quickly:

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More Planning Essentials when moving offices 

With the floor plan for your new location, work out at which desk each person will sit.
Assign each desk a number. It’s easiest to sequentially number the desks.  Also alter the number pattern per department. For example, if all your Marketing people sit in one area, assign their desks numbers 100 to 150, your IT Team 200 to 220, Customer Service 300 to 340, and so on. It makes items and areas more easily identifiable.
People with individual offices should have a number assigned to the office. I would number offices situated next to each other sequentially.
Match your numbered floor plan with the staff members who will be assigned that desk/office.
Name communal spaces, up to you if you use names or numbers, just make sure they are clear.
Work with IT to ensure all data and power needs are ready (or will be ready) for moving day.
Confirm that you have all details to access the building and that there will be parking available for removalists.  Read More on Planning for your Office Moving 

Cape Office Removals provide a full relocation service for businesses in Cape Town & surrounding towns and suburbs in The Western Cape 

Cape Office Removals understand that productivity needs to be maintained & downtime minimised and therefore we provide a dedicated Office Relocation Supervisor to advise and oversee that your moving service is efficient and professionally managed.

Boxes, Packaging Material, Packing, and Storage services are provided to prepare and coordinate quality, efficient and quick office relocation service. We are open on public holidays as well as weekends to ensure your offices are moved during a time period where it will affect your productivity the least

Our Moving Consultants will provide competitive quotations and comprehensive support services to encourage efficient and smooth office removal. Interim and long-term storage can be provided to help coordinate your move timeously. Short-term Storage options are always useful when you are in between offices, traveling, renovating or needing the extra space. 

Our Office Relocation Services Include:

  • Packaging & wrapping of all items that are delicate in nature to ensure the safe removal of your goods.                                                                                                                                     
  • Box supply & packaging materials delivered to you before you move at your convenience. 

  • We will encourage colour coded labels to minimise confusion                      

  • Safe office removal & transportation to your new destination   

  • Office Furniture is placed at the new premises as per the layout plan                                              

  • Dismantling & reassembling of desks, boardroom tables etc to ensure safe moving and transportation. 

Contact your consultant for more on our office moving services.

Please see our Moving Tips page for great ways to take the stress out of your office relocation